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Friday, December 18, 2015

One Cunning Man with a Cheshire Cat Smile

This post is about a cunning man with a Cheshire cat smile. Before reading further, you would be naturally interested in knowing what a Cheshire cat smile is, right?

So here's how a Cheshire cat smile looks like:

(Image courtesy:

The smirk in the smile is a sign of the cunning nature behind the irritating facade of the fake smile. And what does smirk mean?

The meaning of smirk is given below (courtesy:


intr.v. smirked, smirk·ing, smirks
To smile in an annoying self-satisfied manner.
An annoying self-satisfied smile.

The cunning man with a Cheshire cat smile is a real being. He roams in corporate corridors with a Cheshire cat smile on his face, fully content and happy about the fact that he is safe and sound under the tutelage of the lion king. After all, he is one of the pet cats of the lion king.

The other pet cats also keep on grinning and loose no chance trying to tell one and all - "you outsiders!".

The pet cats form the core team of the lion king. Others are treated with a barge pole as pariahs and kept away from the exclusive club. The exclusive club is meant only for the lion king and the pet cats.

The pet cat with a Cheshire smile is a loyal slave of the lion king. He loves writing funny and fuming and flaming emails. His smirk is annoying and his actions are absolutely disgusting.

He never looses the chance to show that he is the boss's henchman and would do anything for the lion king like any loyal slave would and probably should. And why not?

So have you come across any such cunning man with a Cheshire car smile? No, think again, think hard.

Can you see the Cheshire cat smile now? So there you have one such cunning man. 

There are, in fact, many. And if you have one too many to deal with, hard luck!

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