Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Why a Small Organization is a Collection of Big Egos?

Small organizations are like a collection of big egos. One may get the impression that  small organizations have people who are easy to work with. However, in reality, that is not true.

Why is a small organization a collection of big egos? Here are some reasons for the same:
  • Some people in small organizations acquire years of experience but do not perform the role commensurate with that. For example, someone who has 22 years of experience may be doing a job that can be easily done by someone 12 years old.
  • Some people in small organizations are long-timers who can't get a job elsewhere but pretend otherwise. And even if they manage to move, they in no time come to realize that they can't survive and come back immediately like a dog with its tails between  the rear legs.
  • Some people in small organizations, especially at senior levels, are super-defensive about their turf like a street dog which will not allow anyone else to enter its street.
  • Some people in small organizations can be characterized as what can best be described as One Cunning Man with a Cheshire Cat Smile. Such people lack transparency and fairness.
  • Some people in small organizations are unprofessional and carry toxic attitude. They carry an attitude of "I-know-it-all" and "Others-know-not-a-thing"

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