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Thursday, December 17, 2015

Why Toxic People Write Funny Emails?

Corporate world is full of many toxic people. Those who are at the higher levels in the organizational hierarchy are especially the ones who cause maximum damage.

And in case the toxic persons happen to be incompetent, they tend to be political too.

The combination of toxic and political attributes in such people is clearly demonstrated in their actions and behaviors. The most visible trait of such people is their tendency of writing funny emails.

These emails are funny because:
  • The person sending such an email is a senior person and thus supposed to exhibit maturity. Senior persons in professional organizations would not write funny emails.
  • The person would come across as condescending to the person being written to and would try to show that she is very smart. Smart people don't waste their energy in such pursuits.
  • The wording of the email shows their tendency to play with words. Playing with words is a clear sign of the political orientation of a person.
  • The length of the email is longer than what is required. Long email means a person doesn't know what to actually say.
  • The verbosity of the explanation is too much. This a clear indication of the fact that a person has nothing concrete to say and hence attempts to throw statements right, left and center.
  • The content of the email is patently absurd just like the person herself. This shows the utter lack of mental maturity and ulterior motives of a person.
Dealing with such people is very tough, almost bordering to being impossible. Given a choice one would like to stay away from such people but then at times one has no choice.

If one can, it is better not to join an organization that is infested with such people at the higher levels of hierarchy. And if one has made such a mistake already, well bad luck!

So what to do? Pull your resume out, get another job, drop the exit letter and just run out as quickly as you can. Remember its better late than never. 

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