Friday, June 17, 2016

How Handling an Assh*** Can Make You a Better Person?

When you handle an assh***, be it at your workplace (where they are most commonly found and in large numbers at that), in your neighborhood, in a public place like a bus stop or in your family it should be seen as a blessing in disguise.

An assh*** can make you into one yourself if you let it. Or it can make you a better person if you strive for that.

Assh***s at workplace are extremely hard to tackle. Their toxicity is so hard to avoid.

How do you recognize an assh*** when you meet one at your workplace?
  • They would write needless emails with deliberate and malicious agenda
  • They are part of the coterie and a stooge of the top man
  • They would meet people on the sly to collect information to discredit and demean you
  • They go on lunch with other ass***s (so now you know when it's easy to count them all)
  • They would suck the toes, lick the boots and lie prostrate in front of the king of the stooges
  • They would cut others down so that they can grow
  • They carry an artificial and fake smile like a Cheshire cat
  • They ooze toxicity and negativity in their emails
  • They would create more assh***s in their own teams
So how can handling an assh*** at workplace make you a better person? In several ways in fact and here are some of those:
  • You develop a lot of patience. The irrational tantrums and the toxicity of an assh*** slowly starts amusing you rather than causing you any concern
  • You realize that the world is a nasty place full of poisonous snakes (read assh***s) and accept the world as it is rather than as it should be
  • You start analyzing life in a much wider sense and with a deeper appreciation and understand fully well how small things make the big things
  • You become increasingly positive to fight the negativity caused by the assh*** and maintain complete balance in your mind
  • You don't say anything at all when you know you would say something nasty to the assh*** and rightly so (it is better to say nothing when you would want to say something bad only)
  • You acquire philosophical outlook in life and look at things from an altogether different but very positive perspective
  • You never reply to bullshit emails from an assh***s in kind and make sure you retain positivism and professionalism come what may
Remember an assh*** is an assh*** is an assh*** and will remain that way forever. You should never be one or become one. Life is too short for you to live it as an asshole.

There are better ways to spend the 80-100 odd years you have been gifted by God. Don't live it like an assh*** would. Live it in a nice an positive way. That's the only way that's worth it.

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