Friday, June 3, 2016

It's All in the Family - Do You Feel So About Your Place of Work?

Well, if you do so, welcome to the real world.

A world where some people at your place of work literally get on to your nerves.

A world where you find asses having a great time.

A world where you see Cheshire cats showing their smartness.

And a world where some people get something which they don't really deserve.

The "All in the Family" kind of culture at your place of work will throw following strange situations at you:
  •     Some people are more like college friends than colleagues
  •     Some people do just one thing - scratch each others' back
  •     Some people are no more than a a bloody club of mutual admirers
  •     Some people are like stooges of the top dog
  •     Some people operate as a close-knit coterie
It's all in the family means:
  • The coterie of the top man and his stooges are more like a family of asses than professional colleagues
  • The coterie gets a royal treatment
  • The coterie is a like an extended family on the weekends
  • The coterie protects each others' backs
  • The coterie stays quiet when one of the members is found wanting
  • The coterie spews venom against an outsider when they sense an opportunity and if they don't get an opportunity they create one
  • The coterie goes for lunch together like a family does!
  • The coterie maintains secrecy and holds lot of information close to their chest
  • The coterie talks behind the back of outsiders and creates wrong impressions and perceptions
  • The coterie is disconnected from the ground reality
  • The coterie takes decisions with utmost secrecy and with a hidden, evil agenda

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