Friday, June 17, 2016

It is Very Crude to Flaunt that You are a Part of the Coterie

Have you come across an ass blatantly flaunting that he belongs to an exclusive group?

It is rude. It is crude too. And it is abominable and highly obnoxious as well.

This happens in organizations that are run by a coterie. Not all, but some of those who are a part of the coterie seem to take things too seriously. That is funny at the best and toxic at the worst.

And for all you know, this group of coterie is given a nice name - management committee!

Howsoever crass and absurd it may be, the others generally have no choice but to tolerate and bear the stupid antics, superior but loathsome attitude and toxic actions of the coterie.

The real problem may actually be with the head of the coterie. She is the one who forms and nurtures the coterie, creates an unprofessional set-up where loyalty is everything and merit has no place.

She is also the one who creates artificial reporting structures to ensure the comfort zone around her remains unchallenged and unchanged.

Others may not have respect for the coterie but then have no choice. And the mantra they ought to follow is very simple - lick the coterie's boots or run away in their own boots.

If you have self-respect and you are professional, you should run away in your own boots. And if you are good for nothing and a loyalist then you must lick the coterie's boots so that they don't fire you and you get to keep your boots!

However, if you don't like it but are not able to move out then you are seriously stuck.

You may hate every time you have to interact with the coterie and their head but unless you have an option in hand you will remain a wage slave.

It is undoubtedly very hard to survive when you are stuck in a toxic workplace infested with coterie culture. It is very hard but then you must wait it out till you have an option.

That's a smart choice but yes the going till then is going to be a tough one!

And yes, it's true: it is very crude to flaunt that you are a part of the coterie. That makes others loose respect for you and makes them leave as well.

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