Monday, June 20, 2016

Why Attain Financial Freedom? How Can Minimalism Help Attain Financial Freedom?

What is the meaning of attaining financial freedom?

Attaining financial freedom means you have reached a state in your life where you have earned enough money so that you can stop working if you wish to.

It can help you gain a new-found confidence about yourself.

It can help you live a life full of candor.

You can do things to your liking.

Attaining financial freedom can help in following ways as well:
  • You can avoid people who piss you off
  • You can choose whether to work or not
  • You can choose whom to work for
  • You can live a comfortable life
  • You can buy the stuff you need
Combining financial freedom with minimalism is a very powerful way to live life.

Minimalism can help you attain financial freedom much faster.

Minimalism removes you away from buying needless stuff which directly goes to augment your pool of money and hence it can grow much faster than otherwise.

Minimalism also sharpens the focus on living simple life, eating simple food and enjoying life experiences over accumulating more and more stuff.

The above can help you spend less on stuff and also be more healthy. All this helps grow the pool of money faster.

Most importantly, combining financial freedom and minimalism can increase your happiness manifold. It can make you feel better and lighter about yourself.

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