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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Be Wise About Your Health

Being wise pays – always.

And especially when it concerns our health then we must be wise in our lifestyle choices so as to enjoy good health until we depart this material world.

Unfortunately, our modern society has come to adopt certain practices which increase the chances of our becoming unhealthy.

Health related reasons shorten life as we all know very well.

Some of such practices which lead to health problems are:

Overeating – eating more than what one needs and filling up the human tank (stomach) with extra fuel (food) is not a good idea

Fast Food – deep fried, over cooked food is bad for health as it provides almost no nutrients but adds to the cholesterol levels

Smoking – smoking is always bad, period.

Alcohol – occasional drinking in controlled quantity is fine but going over board is certainly bad.

Lack of Sleep – lack of sleep and adequate rest either due to late night parties or for any other reason is not good for health as human body is like a machine (biological) that needs its breaks and rest periods.

Late Night Parties – occasional late night parties are still fine but overdoing is absolutely not.

Stress and Tension – stress and tension make us psychologically weaker and hence make us immune to diseases faster as strong will power carries great power to prevail over many common illnesses.

Lack of Exercise – lack of exercise either due to being lazy about it or simply not being interested in it leads to the body becoming rigid, stiff and also adds on a lot of body fat, which is not healthy.

We all have choices available for all the points highlighted above.

Choosing a certain lifestyle over the other is within our control. Exercising the right choice will make a lot of difference to our health and overall well-being.

And the right choice will surely make us healthy, wealthy and wise.

Healthy, but obviously!

Wealthy, as one would save on doctors, medicines and also unpaid sick leaves.

And finally wise as one would have definitely made smart lifestyle choices if one has earned the other two - wealth and health.

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