Sunday, December 12, 2010

Entering Stock Market

I entered the world of stock (equity shares) market investing in 2006 with an IPO (Initial Public Offering) purchase. My second purchase was also an IPO. I have lost money on both - even today both are in red.

Then I decided to purchase subscription to a Trading-cum-Demat Account. The first Brokerage Firm I applied for lost my documents so I decided to avoid them altogether (lack of professionalism).

And then in 2009 beginning, I managed to open a Trading-cum-Demat account with another Brokerage Firm. Within a week of all formalities getting completed, I had an user-id. For two months I did nothing as I didn't know what to do with the trading terminal! After few e-mail complaints to their customer care someone from the Brokerage Firm came and gave me a demo. And in fact, while the person was there I bought stocks of two companies. Well... both these have been in green so far.

I have started testing the waters more and more. It's still step 1 for me but I guess I have learned enough (and am still learning) how to be an intelligent investor. I have read Benjamin Graham's book also on the same subject. And a couple of other books by "experts".

I will have more to share about 'shares' as time passes... And I hope after a while I can emphatically say "Yes" to the question - "Is investing in Stock Market safe?"

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