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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Designing My Web Properties

While designing my web properties I follow one basic rule - have a simple and clear looking design (theme and content organization). This allows me to spend my efforts on content creation and organization rather than technical maintenance of the web properties.

Why do I want to focus on content creation? I have read in many articles and blogs on the Internet that what matters the most for a website to have high page rank is just its content quality. It's a fact that most of the visitors reach a website these days through a search engine. There are many theories behind how search engines rank a website but all of them seem to agree on at least one factor - compelling content for the target visitors. I just want to focus on content quality as I believe that content quality makes a site search engine friendly.

And why do I want to focus on content organization?. Content organization is also important so that visitors can navigate through a website once they reach it. Besides content organization makes it easy to maintain the content. I want to focus on content organization as well as I also believe that structured content organization makes the site maintenance friendly.

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