Sunday, December 12, 2010

Visit to Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary

Do you know who an Ornithologist is? Have you ever heard about Dr. Salim Ali? Maybe no... but I am sure you know about birds. The above three - Ornithologist, Dr. Salim Ali and birds are inter-connected. And if you are interested in knowing how they are connected you must visit a bird sanctuary.

Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary

While the above questions have been there in my mind since many years and I have always longed to visit the world-famous Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary (near Agra), I haven't been able to do so till date.

Instead, in the process of exploring the options for weekend travel around Delhi, I came to know about the Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary (I guess that was couple of years ago). Since then I have been thinking about visiting this place... and finally over one of the weekends, I managed to do that. I drove to Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary and managed to spend some time there.

Reaching Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary

The Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary (it's actually a National Park now), is near Gurgaon in the NCR region. For reaching Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary from Delhi, one needs to reach Gurgaon first. One of the ways to reach there is to pass through Sector 4 in Gurgaon and then take the road going towards right (don't take the road going towards left which goes to Sector 9) and cross over the railway tracks.

Follow this road through a place called Dhankot and take right on the main road. Continue on the main road towards Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary. The road going towards Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary is in good condition and quite wide. The drive is quite pleasant. The distance from Sector-4 Gurgaon to this place is around 15-20 kms. 

Going Around at Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary

There's ample parking space in the Sanctuary. The entire area at the entrance and inside of the Sanctuary is very well maintained. There's a guest house also, in case you intend to stay there overnight.

I took a walk in the Sanctuary and spotted many kinds of birds - Crane, Duck, etc. (I saw many more but am no Ornithologist to know their names!). The best thing is that there's a 4-story Watch Tower there. I climbed all the way up and had a panoramic view of the entire area. In fact, in addition to many types of birds, I could spot some Deers and "Neelgai" as well. From the Watch Tower, I also saw the "Jheel" (water body) in the Sanctuary.

Overall Impression of Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary

Overall, a great visit. I am planning o go back and spend some more time there... maybe spend a night there. I guess it'll be a different experience to be there in the night... listening to chirping of birds (not sure whether birds chirp in night or they sleep like us human beings) and the noise of jungle in the night!

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