Sunday, December 12, 2010

Streamlining My Personal Website, Blogs and Wikis

In the last 3 years, I have spent considerable efforts in experimenting with many ideas and tools for streamlining my web assets - personal website, blogs and wikis.

1. I deleted my personal website which was on and first moved it to, then to a hosting company (, then to google apps and finally to the google sites. The movement out of geocities was, in fact, not really a movement; it was rather a fresh creation from the scratch. The geocities site was created by me in 2003 or perhaps in 2002 - not very sure now. I had virtually stopped updating it for all practical purposes since 2005.

Note - As per the information on their site, Geocities is closing down later this year.

2. I had a personal blog right since 2005 but I was hardly updating it. Recently I created few more blogs on certain niche areas of my interest. This all was done using Blogger - Then I decided to move them to, and then again decided to move them to another Wordpress-based blog site. And finally, I have moved back the whole of it to Blogger. And I think I will continue this way going forward.

3. I am still stuck on my wikis. I never had any so have created one using Overall, I am okay with it though it needs one to learn the Wikidot language. I will post about my experience later on when I am able to bring it up.

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