Sunday, December 12, 2010

Technology and Excellence

The use of technology in both personal life and in the business world is aimed at increasing the convenience factor and efficiency factor. This is essential for achieving excellence in what we do.

Role of Technology in Our Lives

Take an example - in the earlier times, in the absence of the modern automobile technology, people used to travel barefoot or on a palanquin, also known as palki (in Hindi and Sanskrit language). The invention of wheel technology improved the efficiency of travel (by reducing the travel time) and increased the convenience factor. With the onset of the modern automobile technology, based on use of engines and motors, the efficiency of travel and the convenience factor saw significant improvements.

The above example demonstrates how technology leads to convenience and efficiency. Technology provides the tools, techniques and devices to bring in marked improvements in whatever we do and hence accelerates the journey of excellence.

Technology as Enabler for Excellence

Just like excellence is a never ending quest, technology has shown the same kind of behavior till date. Newer and innovative technologies render the existing technologies obsolete. The urge to constantly advance the frontiers of technology by challenging the existing levels of excellence in technology is the reason for all technological advancements.

Use of technology is an enabler for excellence. And in the same way, use of the concept of excellence in the technology arena is an enabler for technological excellence.

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