Sunday, December 12, 2010

Monetization of Cricket

I think the IPL (Indian Premium League) is a good example of monetization of cricket. The amount of money cricket has seen in the last 3 IPLs (the 3rd edition is going on currently) puts to shame the money which was there in cricket so far.

Thanks to Indian cricket officials, IPL has become a grand success. It has benefited everyone, especially the players. Most of the players probably don't play for more than 10 years and therefore must get an opportunity to earn enough to sustain themselves after they leave the cricket field. The money pie has gotten bigger enough for everyone to partake a big enough chunk to make this possible.

I think this means well for the future of Indian cricket. I also see this becoming the talent pipeline for the Indian national cricket team. Competition is surely bound to increase manifold and so will the quality of cricket.

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