Sunday, December 12, 2010

Upgrading TikiWiki Module

One of my earlier personal website with own domain name and hosted by Hostmonster was built using the TikiWiki module. At the release of newer versions of TikiWiki I used to get the message for upgrading everytime I used to login to the Control Panel.

I thought it will useful for others using TikiWiki and Hosted Web Services to list the steps down to upgrade. So, here are the steps:
1. Login to the Control Panel (cpanel) of your website
2. Click on 'Simple Scripts' - this is under the section 'Software / Services'
3. Look out for messages for upgrading the installation
4. Follow the instructions thereafter until upgrade is complete

I also noticed that I needed to upgrade the Database version too. Here are the steps for the same:
1. Login to your website Admin Console. If Database upgrade is needed, a message about the same will get displayed. A link for upgrading the Database will also be available as part of the upgrade message. Before clicking on that link, complete steps 2 to 5.
2. Click on 'File Manager' under the section 'Files'
3. Go to the folder that contains the Database files
4. Find a file with the name 'lock' and remove that file - it seems 'Simple Scripts' creates this lock file during installations and upgrades
5. Find another file with the name 'local.php' - this contains the username/password for the Database
6. Click the upgrade link (only after steps 2 to 5 are complete) and supply the Database username/password, as requested
7. Follow the instructions thereafter until upgrade is complete

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