Sunday, December 12, 2010

Critic, Cynic, Doubter, Negative, Hardliner, Biased, Rigid

These words came to my mind after I went through an interesting experience. This happened when I was presenting about something to a group of people few months back. One amongst the participants, who was questioning just about everything, made me think of these words: "Critic, Cynic, Doubter, Negative, Hardliner, Biased, Rigid".

It was a good learning experience for me. These are times when one would be extremely annoyed. Such behaviors are quite provocative and when questions are asked with a negative tone, deliberately and with a not-so-good intent, it can be extremely frustrating and irritating.

I let my imagination run little ahead and thought of a situation where this comes from someone you are reporting into. I guess then it will be quite funny and dangerous as well.

Without doubt, handling such situations makes one better. After all every day is a learning opportunity for all of us as it presents us with new challenges and situations.

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