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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Managing Job and Career

Everyone - those having their own business (self employed professionals or business owners) or those who work for others (employees) or those who stay back at home (homemakers) - must analyze their job and career and try to determine how to manage it effectively. Even those who stay at home, have a job to do. Homemakers and housewives are actually in a 24x7 job, even if it is traditionally not viewed to be a job.

For Self Employed Professionals or Business Owners

Those having their own business must invest their effort on following:
  • Learning ways to expand the business
  • Establishing contacts and leads to grow the customer base
  • Be on the lookout for opportunities to increase revenues and reduce expenses
For Employees

Those who work as an employee must invest their effort on following:
  • Keeping skills and competencies current so that one can remain employable
  • Developing generic soft skills like communication skills, presentation skills so that changing companies is easy
  • Keeping current with new technical and managerial development in the line of one's job
  • Constantly be on the lookout so that one can spot career growth opportunities not only inside the organization but more importantly in another organization
For Homemakers

Those who stay back as homemakers must invest their effort on following:
  • Finding bargain deals
  • Maintaining household items and equipments properly so that they serve a longer useful life
  • Ensuring healthy diet and lifestyle for all family members (resulting in lowered medical expenses)

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