Sunday, December 12, 2010

Why an Employee Changes Job?

This is an over-discussed question so the following reasons may not sound original or new. However, this question is really an important one and hence merits additional insight. The reasons why an employee changes his or her job has to do with the following:  

Poor Job Definition and Lack of Clarity on Career Direction

Poorly defined role which doesn't satisfy the employee's aspirations and offers no growth opportunity. For any employee the aspects of any job - what one is currently doing and how it could grow up matter more than anything else. Lack of clarity with respect to these aspects from those to whom the employee reports into (both direct and functional managers) has a significant impact on whether the employee will stay for long or not.

"Closed" Organizational Culture and Corporate Legacies

Organizational culture which promotes and rewards certain behaviour patterns that makes an employee uncomfortable. The personalities, legacies and self-images created in the organization fuel this further and eventually it appears to the employee that the organization is 'closed' as far as taking suggestions to change are concerned.   

Reporting Into Superiors Who Have Neither Interest Nor Time

Those to whom the employee reports into (both direct and functional managers) have no time for the employee and show least interest in proactively knowing about what the employee is doing. It appears to the employee that what he or she is doing is not important or strategic for the managers, which is quite demotivating.   

Lack of Opportunities and Growth

Those to whom the employee reports into (both direct and functional managers) don't create opportunities for the employee to grow further in line with organizational needs and the employee's aspirations. If there are opportunities available but they are not provided to the employee it is highly frustrating for him or her.   

Uninspiring Leadership

The management or leadership team is not considered by the employee to be worthy enough of the positions they hold. This might arise due to negative statements and actions of the management or leadership team.

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