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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Priorities for My Properties

One thing is sure, my areas of interest remain unchanged. Last year, in the very first year of the existence of my website on a domain name owned by me, I created wikis and blogs around Business Excellence, Personal Excellence and Excellence in General. In addition, I created two blogs (including this one) to capture my personal opinions and activities.

I don't see the need to extend beyond the areas I have decided to focus on. What I do see is the need to build more content on my website, especially content with multimedia - videos, presentation files, pictures, figures, etc. I also see the need to structure and integrate the content in an improved manner which will make moving across the entire website easy and interesting.

Another aspect I want to focus upon is on attracting higher volumes of traffic to my website. This will increase the likelihood of getting feedback from the site visitor's so that I can identify opportunities for improvement. Not only that, this will also help in monetizing my website. I am not expecting to become millionaire through this route but am surely expecting to earn enough to pay the monthly hosting charges. In any case, even if I fail in this endeavor I intend to go on paying the monthly hosting charges by myself. The thrill of expressing my thoughts and ideas is simply too much for me to do otherwise.

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