Sunday, December 12, 2010

You Get Hired for Business Need not for Career Growth

When you get hired by a company it is not because they are interested in your career growth but because they have a business need. It can be said that you get hired for the company's business need not for your career growth.

What is the key implication of the above for a salaried professional? It means you have to take charge of your career. It also means that when you decide to join an organization it should be based purely on your assessment of career growth for yourself in that particular job opportunity. Following are some strategies for you as an individual to ensure career growth for yourself:

Assess Your Career Progress Regularly

Assess periodically (at least once in a quarter) what's happening in your career and based on that decide whether to continue or quit.

Analogy with what companies do:
Companies take decisions like which product line to continue or discontinue based on quarterly results.

Remain Updated on Changes in Demand Pattern of Relevant Competencies

Always know what's hot and happening in the market in respect of your core and related skills, competencies and qualifications.

Analogy with what companies do:
Companies are always evaluating the current and emerging market trends for the products and services they sell in the market.

Analyze Whether to Stay Put or Move On at Each Career Milestone

Never shy from taking hard career decisions which could even mean leaving a company if you joined it but later on realized that it was a wrong decision.

Analogy with what companies do:
Companies take hard decisions like discontinuing certain products and services, laying off employees, etc. if they make wrong decisions on these fronts

Always Keep the Search On for Interesting Career Opportunities

Keep your resume updated and floating around with consultants and your professional network, also let it be known that you are always available to consider interesting career opportunities.

Analogy with what companies do:
Companies are always on the hunt for exciting and interesting business opportunities to grow further.

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