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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Work Life Balance

What is more important for a person - work commitments or personal commitments? The best answer is probably "it depends".

Work Life

Most of us work not because we like the organization we work with or want to see it succeed but because if we don't perform we'll be out. Not having a job will not only have immediate financial impact but also play havoc with one's emotional and mental constitution.

Personal Life

At the same time, it can be said that personal commitments should generally come before work commitments. The reason: one will not generally change one's family and friends in one's lifetime but will change the place of work multiple times.

With the workplace one's commitment stops at a certain level - it usually is never emotional in nature (of course there are persons who do feel emotionally connected to their workplace). With one's family and personal life the attachment is usually highly emotional and at times irrational also.

Work Life or Personal Life

So where then is the need for balance? Well... for being able to enjoy one's personal life and provide material comfort to one's family, money is needed and that makes work important. And it doesn't stop here, we all have our big, "always wanting more and more" egos to satisfy.

One always wishes to buy newer, bigger, costlier car... and hence needs more and more money. It is important to make sure that not only one keep's one's job but also grows progressively in the professional life. Getting promoted to the next position not only brings in more money but also makes the ego feel nice and good.

Balancing Work Life and Personal Life

So the conclusion is, both work and personal life are important. The key to balancing the commitments on these two aspects to to understand the situation, set priorities and act accordingly. However, it must always be remembered that doing progressively well in work is the means to the end of having a great and fulfilling personal life!

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