Sunday, December 12, 2010

Change, Accept or Quit

Many a times we come across situations where we not only don't like what's happening to us or around us but also seem to have almost no control over the situation. Such situations make one unhappy and unsettled. How should one approach such situations? One must choose amongst the following to be happy in life:


If one doesn't like what's happening one should try to change it. The attempt to change should be an honest one based on fair considerations. Sometimes one may be actually be wrong but may think otherwise so it's important to realize that the situation is actually not right and needs to be changed. The second aspect is that one must be willing to bring about a change based on one's values and beliefs.


After one has tried to change and failed one can simply accept what's happening. This is not to be seen as a failure as everyone has inherent limitations which are extremely difficult to overcome. And even if that is possible the cost to overcome these may not be worth it at times.


After one has tried to change and failed one has another option and that is to quit. Quitting may be seen as a sign of weakness but is really not. One must understand the fact that one is not good at everything and can make wrong decisions. Quitting should be considered as correcting a wrong decision. One would surely get down from a bus if one wants to travel to a place other than where the bus is headed for, even if initially one wanted to go where the bus is headed for.

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