Sunday, December 12, 2010

Monetizing Web Properties

Around more than a year back, I became sort of quite serious about creating and managing my web properties (websites and blogs) on the Internet. Incidentally, I created my first web property (a blog) many years ago.

And right from the time I created my first web property, I have constantly heard about people making money through their websites andblogs . I have also heard a lot about the Google Adsense and Google Adwords program and text-linked ad programs like Infolinks and Kontera.

In addition, I have also read numerous articles on the Internet around this theme such as:
1. How to monetize your website or blog?
2. Making money from your website or blog
3. Tips on how to make money from your website or blog

So finally, inspired with the above I have also got my account open in some of these money-making schemes. It may help generate few dollars if not more. But more importantly, however, I think putting ads on my web properties would be an indirect method of validating the content type and relevance of my web properties vis-a-vis the target visitors in my mind.

On this front, I can say, the ads which are appearing on my websites and blogs have been very useful. They have helped me confirm that the type and quality of content on my website has been created quite effectively!

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