Sunday, December 12, 2010

MG Road Phenomenon in India

I have traveled to many cities in India, and in the process I have come to know about the MG Road phenomenon. Whether you go to Delhi or Bangalore or Pune, there's always one road which is named as MG Road. And I think this is true for many of the other major cities in India.

The MG Road is generally one of the famous road in that city and visitors should be able to locate it easily. This road is also generally in a widely visited, well-to-do locality or area of the city.


In Delhi, the 'Inner Ring Road' is actually the MG Road. Of course, in the recent years MG Road has come to mean 'Mehrauli-Gurgaon' Road.

Bengaluru (Bangalore)

In Bengaluru (Bangalore), MG Road is probably the heart of the city. MG Road and Brigade Road in the city of Bangalore are widely known as hot-spots for youngsters.


In Pune, there's an MG Road in the Camp area. And again, it's quite famous though not like the MG Road in Bangalore

Kolkata (Calcutta)

In Kolkata (Calcutta), the MG Road connects Howrah Railway Station to Sealdah Railway Station. It passes through the famous Burra Bazaar area.

Other Cities

I have heard about MG Roads in other cities also - Chennai (Madras), Secunderabad (Hyderabad) and Guwahati.

Tribute to MG

I think I must also add that MG in MG Road refers to "Mahatama Gandhi", the father of our nation. He was truly one person who deserves to be respected and remembered in all possible ways and the MG Road phenomenon is, in some sense, a tribute to him!

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