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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Tagging Web Pages

I have heard that tagging web pages is a powerful tool so that visitors to a site to quickly reach to the content related to a specified topic. Tagging, as I have myself realized, is also a powerful tool for webpage authors and bloggers to write good quality content.

Tags are essentially the major themes around which any content is generated. Tagging also helps to make changes to content for better alignment with a certain theme which eventually becomes the tag as well.

I stick to generally 2 or 3 tags per page or post as I believe for the length of page and post I typically write, the major theme cannot be more than this number. I have also found that tagging is easy if the content is well thought and very difficult otherwise.

I am still to explore how tagging can help increase traffic to a website but I am sure it has some impact. And no matter what, if a visitor comes to a website which has a tag cloud, then it is always helpful.

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