Sunday, December 12, 2010

Carbon Footprint

How much carbon footprint are you generating?" - this is a question which is increasingly becoming important for everyone - individuals, communities, institutions, corporations and the government.

Moving Dangerously Towards Natural Disaster

The human civilization is precariously perched on the precipice of natural disaster. By playing with the natural environment for so many decades and centuries we have reached to a point where any major retaliation by mother nature would mean complete annihilation of the human race from the face of planet Earth. A monstrous Sunami or a high-Richter Earthquake or or deadly Hurricane is all what it may take for this to happen.

Addressing the question "How much carbon footprint are you generating?", becomes all so important as we are getting to see the adverse manifestation of our excesses on nature through massive exploitation of the natural resources to fuel the engine of economic development.

In the blind race towards creating more and more products and services to quench our hunger for more and more material comfort we have come dangerously close to a situation where things can get out of our own control. And when that happens, we'll become meek observers and helpless victims of nature's fury. 

Controlling Carbon Footprint

We must focus on controlling our carbon footprint. In fact, we need to set the balance right first. We should not only attempt to control the carbon footprint we create every time we do something but must go beyond and attempt to reduce the carbon footprint we have already generated in the past few decades and centuries since the time of industrial revolution.

And each time you do something, do not forget to ask yourself - "How much carbon footprint am I generating?".

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