Sunday, December 12, 2010

From Manager to CEO

Some interesting thoughts came to my mind as I was coming back from work today evening. How does a manager become a CEO? What is it that differentiates a CEO from a manager?

Here are some funny observations I had based on two favourite pastimes for most managers and all CEOs - meetings and presentations. This observation is in terms of the percentage of time that is spent on meetings and presentations.
Activity                                 Manager     Senior Manager     VP        CEO
Attending Meetings               20%           30%                       40%     50%
Listening to Presentations      5%             20%                       30%     40%
Giving Presentations              40%           30%                       20%     10%
Creating Presentations           30%           20%                       10%     0%
Work that Earns Revenue      5%             0%                         0%       0%

The message is loud and clear - for a manager to become a CEO, the difference is in terms of what percentage of time is spent on meetings and presentations.

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