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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Frustrated, Impatient, Anxious and Uncomfortable

Everyone goes through times when almost none of the events in one's life may be happening in a favorable way. Making a change from the hard, bad and negative situation one may find oneself to a happy, relaxed, good and positive situation may seem all too tough or plain impossible. It may appear as though all the ways have closed down.

How does one feel then? 'Frustrated, Impatient, Anxious and Uncomfortable'. Yes that's right... one does tend to get frustrated, impatient, anxious and uncomfortable. Every hour of every day seems to take too long to pass. The light of hope doesn't seem to be there in the sight at all. It seems all the doors of change towards a positive situation have been shut off.

What should one do if one finds himself or herself in such a situation? Should one stick around until one breaks down? Or should one quit the situation one is going through by simply saying that 'I have lost'? It's a tough question for which there's is no answer. How much and how long one must go through a situation depends on one's mental make-up, the stakes involved and one's assessment of the actions of other actors involved with the situation one is in. One thing must be clear though, saying 'I have lost' shouldn't be seen as the end of life.

Defeats and failures are part of life. Everyone can't be smart, successful and happy. Many people who apparently seem to have arrived and look smart, successful and happy may be different when it comes to their private lives. In some sense, no one in the world can be happy all the time. And by the same logic, no one in the world can be sad all the time. Life is about ups and downs, happy moments and sad moments, wins and losses.

One must learn to handle and channelize the negative energy that is emanated when one is frustrated, impatient, anxious and uncomfortable and attempt to turn them into positive energy. This is difficult and may at times be impossible but one must try. It's always worth it to try before one says 'I have lost'. The chances that one may fail miserably is very high. Not just that the chances that one may fail never to get up again are also there albeit small.

One should take life as it comes. One shouldn't expect to win every time one goes to play out. One should try as hard as possible every time but still be humble enough to accept defeat as well every time. In fact, one must be ready to work hard in one's whole life and still be prepared to die with not even a single win in one's whole life!

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