Sunday, December 12, 2010

Job Market and 'Sabzi' Market

'Sabzi' is a Hindi/Urdu word which means vegetables. In a wider sense it includes fruits also. The job and sabzi market are similar in many ways and different in many other ways. While thinking about this some days back, I came up with the following similarities and differences. I thought it is something interesting enough for sharing with others so here it goes...

First, the similarities:
1. Bargaining is the name of the game
2. The seller (job-seller or the company, sabzi-seller or sabzi-wala) always has more information about the market prices than the poor buyer (prospective employee, customer)
3. The seller always gets to set the base price for effecting the sale

Now, the differences:
1. The job-seller always operates with an upper bound on the sale price (the salary). Any buyer (prospective employee) demanding for more than this price won't get the job. On the other hand, the sabzi-seller always operates with a lower bound on the sale price. The buyer (customer) willing to pay lesser than than this price won't get the sabzi.
2. The job-seller doesn't need to compete with other job-sellers in open (though generally the job-seller has the required information - or they easily find it out by calling the candidates themselves).On the other hand, the sabzi-seller has to compete with other sabzi-sellers openly (and loudly).
3. The job-seller is selling a non-perishable product (a job not sold on a given day could be easily sold the next day or a week after or even later).On the other hand, the sabzi-seller has to sell the product within its shelf life otherwise he would incur complete loss.

The funny reality is that all of us need sabzi... and all of us need job as well to buy the sabzi!

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