Sunday, December 12, 2010

Fighting Sadness and Melancholy

There are times when one is engulfed by feelings of sadness and melancholy. These feelings make a person feel lonely and can quickly lead into depression.

The reasons for this situation to arise are many:
  • Workplace related problems - being stuck in a job which one doesn't enjoy, having a manager who doesn't allow or encourage your career growth and is only interested in his/her growth, working with manipulative and difficult peers, job insecurity, etc.
  • Family related problems - being stuck in a marriage that doesn't seem to go anywhere, having problem kids, having nagging spouse, etc.
  • Health related problems - being afflicted with any chronic disease, having sick family members or relatives to attend to, having congenital medical issues, etc.
  • Security and safety related problems - having constant fear of terrorist attacks when one visits any public place, etc.
  • General everyday life related problems - traffic jams, corruption, mean and rude people, pollution, over-crowding, getting robbed, etc.
Despite the above, it is still possible to be happy and exuberant. The trick involves following:
  • Stop expecting - or at least start having reduced expectations from others and also from oneself
  • Become ego-free - don't assume that bad things can't happen to you or you deserve to be treated well
  • Don't try to become successful - remember everyone cannot reach the top

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