Sunday, December 12, 2010

Life is a Constant Struggle

Living life is akin to living from one struggle to the next, where the struggles cease when life itself ceases. In some sense, life and struggles are inseparable and at times it may appear that life is itself a constant struggle.

Struggle is not necessarily negative; it’s the way we react to it that makes it negative or positive. Struggle should always be seen from a positive perspective despite the problems, odds and issues one comes across almost every other day.

The way to remain happy and positive in face of struggles is to understand the following truths in all situations that we have to go through:

Not all situations result from our actions though many do

Suppose you need to rush to another city and you board a bus which breaks down on the way and you reach late (you can’t do much).

On the other hand, suppose you started late from your house and missed the bus (you could have surely avoided this)

The results of different situations may or may not always favor us

Suppose you give an interview where you do excellently well in answering all the questions asked and despite that you do not get the offer due to issues like designation, role, salary and compensation, cultural fitment, career aspiration mismatch, etc. (you can’t do much without making compromises with your expectations and personal values).

On the other hand, you agree to give an interview where you knew you’ll have issues with designation, role, salary and compensation, cultural fitment, career aspiration mismatch, etc later on (you could have surely avoided this by seeking clarifications on these upfront – it must be remembered that flexibility should never be construed as compromise)

The manner in which we handle the situations and their results lies entirely within our reach

Suppose you reach to the other city late or don’t get the job offer. Sulking or giving up will not be of any help rather positively accepting the situation and its result and taking a lesson for the next time will prove to a much better strategy.

Even if one is sad and down for sometime, it’s absolutely fine but one must come out of it sooner than later.

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