Sunday, December 12, 2010

Taking Good Care of Me, Inc.

Just like a company constantly keeps a close watch on it's health based on parameters such as revenues, profits, etc. all of us should also keep a close watch on the health of Me, Inc.

Me. Inc. simply means you!

Being healthy is not only important but also a pre-requisite to having a fulfilling and happy life.

If one is not healthy, many of the simple joys of life will remain elusive.

Staying Healthy and Fit

In the times we live, being healthy and fit has become a common mantra among the masses.

"Keep fit and remain a hit" - this phrase is applicable to all of us and can be taken as a 1-line simple mantra for the entire life.

"How to keep healthy?" is a question on which newer and newer research is constantly being done. There seem to be no easy and certain answers to this question though.

Taking good care of the Me, Inc., however, requires following some simple and generally accepted practices. Some of them are listed below.

Eating and Drinking
  • Nutrition, and not taste and gluttony, should be considered as the main purpose behind eating and drinking. Giving higher value to "we eat to live" over "we live to eat" is important.
  • Eating natural and wholesome diet is a sure way to becoming and keeping healthy. Such a diet may either be completely natural or involve processing using simple techniques such as boiling and sun-drying. This kind of diet will generally be rich in nutrients and easy to digest.
  • Some principles that should be seriously considered for adoption on a permanent basis:
    • avoiding over-eating
    • avoiding fried and oily food
    • avoiding cold and stale food
    • consuming less of processed foods
    • consuming fruits and vegetables in the most raw form... to the extent it is possible
    • having more of vegetables and fruits than meats
    • drinking sufficient amount of water
    • controlled intake of other drinks and beverages (tea, coffee, alcoholic beverages)
    • doing proper chewing; having the dinner early - few hours before going to bed
Exercise and Meditation
  • Natural forms of exercise such as Walking, Yoga, etc. should be preferred over going to gymnasium. Yoga exercises are not only highly beneficial but they are also easy to perform wherever one may be - whether in a hotel or on a train.
  • Meditation on a regular basis improves the psychological well-being. A healthy body requires a healthy mind in equal measure to maintain the right focus at all times.
The above points are by no means a complete and exhaustive list. There are many more points that can be and should be added to this list.

Note: In case the readers of this blog post have any additional points they are welcome to put them in the comments.

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