Sunday, December 12, 2010

How to Make Changing City Easier

In my experience, changing city in India is never easy. Moving oneself and one's family is first part of changing city. Second part involves moving the household goods (for which one can avail the services offered by the 'Packers and Movers'). The third part which involves 'settling down' in the other city (and requires changes to documentation concerning oneself and family) is probably the most time-consuming and cumbersome.

I want to explain the third part in detail and talk about ways this can be made smoother. The main point is that if someone moves to another city on temporary basis (even though it may last couple of years - for example, one goes to another city for doing an engineering course which in India takes 4 years), he or she shouldn't be made to worry about the third part.

Here are the typical problems one faces on the third part, especially for temporary move to another city. Many of these do apply to even permanent move:

1. Telephone, mobile number:
For land line, it may probably not be possible to have unique number which can be used from anywhere in India. But for mobile, this is entirely possible. There should be nothing called 'roaming' and hence no 'roaming charges'. Mobile taken in one city should work with no difference in all other cities.

2. Car registration number:
Cars should be registered once in its lifetime and shouldn't need to go through change in registration number every time it changes city.

3. Ration card:
Ration card should have unique id which needn't be changed on change of city. It may be a good idea to combine this with the unique identity scheme that the Government has initiated.

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