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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Posting on My Blogs

While going through the web traffic details and other statistics for my blog some weeks back, I realized that I had posted more than 150 articles in the last year or so when I started blogging more regularly.

I guess this is remarkable for someone who doesn't do this full time. I hope to continue with this pace in the future as well.

I don't think I can claim to the completeness and correctness of the facts, figures and information I provide on my website. However, I do try my best. In fact that's precisely the reason I thought putting disclaimer as part of the Terms of Use will be useful.

Posting on the blogs gives me an opportunity of self-expression and a way to vent out the thoughts, aspirations and frustrations. I love to write and express my thoughts and my blogs help me in making this possible.

I have full control over penning my thoughts in the manner which I desire. And due to the web technologies, making it available widely is taken care of.

The Internet and web technologies, I believe, are great equalizers. I guess for everyone like me who is a 'regular guy' or a 'common man', this makes it possible to get a platform for expressing and presenting one's views and thoughts at one's own full control.

Of course, self-restraint and self-control is needed to make sure it doesn't hurt others opinions and sensitivities. I have tried my best to take care of this aspect.

I hope to continue writing more and more and better and better, going ahead in the future. And must say a big thanks to the Internet and web technologies which makes this possible!

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