Sunday, December 12, 2010

Job Search Sites in India

Are you looking for a job in India? Are you searching for better career opportunities? Do you want to use the Internet for getting to know about the jobs available in your skill area?

Well I went through an intensive job search exercise myself sometime back. And while searching for jobs in my skill area I came across many job sites. After spending considerable time on many of these job sites I came to a simple conclusion - everyone is looking for a list that provides names of the "top" job sites. Such a list will help save time and effort in reaching to one's dream job. I thought it will be helpful to the job-seekers if I create such a list based on my experience. So here's my list of the "top" job sites that you can use as you search jobs in India:

Multi-site Job Search (my preferred method - these job sites don't have any job data of their own and search sites which have actual job data. One would need to create account in almost all the sites that appear in the job search results.)

Major Job Sites (these sites have actual job data - one can apply directly for a job from these websites)

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