Sunday, December 12, 2010

Politics and World Affairs

World affairs are directed by the actions and reactions of the political leaders of the various countries. Our present world has been shaped by the political leaders of the various countries at different times in the history.

If History Were Different than the Way It had Happened

Imagine how the world would have been if the results of the actions and reactions of the political leaders in the past had been different. Think for a while that the following events occurred instead of what we have read in the history books:
  • Napolean conquered Russia
  • Mahatma Gandhi stayed back in South Africa
  • England did not colonize India
The history we read today would have been different had the above events actually occurred. One thing to be kept in mind is that history is written from the perspective of the victor and not the vanquished.

It is obvious that politics and political leaders are important for countries and societies to run effectively and efficiently. A well-developed and stable political system is a prerequisite to a prosperous and stable country, society and its citizens.

Purpose of Political System

Politicians play an important role in policy making at the highest level - these policies guide the rest. The key objective for the political system are as follows:
  • Equitable economic growth
  • Stable and safe society
  • Well-developed infrastructure and utilities
  • Safety and security of the geographical boundaries

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