Sunday, December 12, 2010

Creating Personal Website, Blogs and Wikis

Here are few learning that I had in the entire process of streamlining my web assets - personal website, blogs and wikis:

1. Blogger is the best in my opinion as it seamlessly integrates with other Google services. Also, I felt more comfortable with managing my blogs using Blogger than with Wordpress or with the other Wordpress-based blog site that I used.

2. Blogger does not provide great themes as compared to Wordpress but that is fine as for a blog the main strength should be its content rather than other aspects.

3. Importing a blog from Wordpress into Blogger is quite time consuming. There is a converter available for this at but the quality of conversion is not upto the mark. I found an innovative way to do it though - I will explain more about this in later posts.

4. Blogger has the option of adding "Label" to posts, whereas Wordpress provides "Category" and "Tag" options. I felt that Label option is fine as it could be used both as a category or as a tag. Anyways, for any post, both the "Category" and "Tag" have to be very close (or at times same) as they would refer to the same content.

5. Weebly is an excellent website builder. My suggestion is to start with a free version and when you have enough eyeballs move to the Pro version. I also intend to follow this path.

6. I used for generating the RSS feeds of my blogs and can say that this is simply a great tool. When I was trying to connect my Blogger blogs to Weebly personal website, I found problems with the simple RSS feed that Blogger was generating by default. Blogger allows you to use the feed from FeedBurner instead of the default feed. Once I did that it worked fine for me. I will explain more about this in later posts.

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