Sunday, December 12, 2010

Feeling Down - Think 100 Years Later

Are you feeling unhappy and sad?

Are you feeling down and out?

Are you feeling life has been cruel to you?

Are you feeling demotivated as your boss is not giving you due recognition?

Are you feeling hassled as your spouse doesn't ever understand you?

Are you feeling irritated as your kids don't listen to you?

Are you feeling cheated as your friends hid something from you?

Are you feeling dejected as you had to again stand in that long queue?

Are you feeling worthless as you had to again wait due to VIP movement?

Are you feeling frustrated as you have been trying but failing to change your job?

Are you feeling home-sick as you are in a different city and are desperate to move back to your home town as early as you can?

Are you feeling appalled at the news of yet another big name getting into some controversy?

Are you feeling tired, exhausted and devoid of any energy to continue with your life?

Are you feeling depressed?

If you have answered yes to even a few of the above questions, don't fret and feel upset.

Welcome to the real world. And surprisingly, most of us have experienced or will experience some of the above feelings one or the other time in our lives.

Howsoever important we may be, life can't be expected to be fair and fun always. There are problems and difficult situations and they will never go away completely. Thinking differently, life will be lusterless if everything were to go smooth and quietly in our lives.

Are there solutions to avoid these situations? No. But are there solutions to handle them? Yes. And there are many.

One of them is: "Think 100 Years Later". Whenever you are in a situation you dislike, think about yourself in that situation 100 years later. Neither you will be there, nor the situation! It is also true that even other persons creating those situations will also not be around.

In the time-line of this universe, our existence is like a drop in the ocean (actually even much smaller than a drop). One drop lost doesn't make any difference to the ocean.

So be happy and if you can't, "Think 100 Years Later".

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