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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Doing is to Survive... but Improving is to Grow

For a business organization with a clear vision of the future and long-term view of its revenue model, success comes but naturally. The key to this is constant focus on improvement and not merely on just doing things. It can be said, "to merely do is to survive, but to improve is to grow".

Business Dynamics

The dynamics of the business world make it difficult for any organization with success stories to relax for a very long time. Businesses must gear up and change and reinvent themselves constantly to keep up with the many changes which they have to live through.

Business world is currently undergoing massive transformation. From the boom times a few years ago to the challenging times of today, businesses have passed through varying circumstances. Agility is a key to survive and grow for any business, especially in these trying times.

Survival and Growth

Surviving is definitely the primary goal of a business. Then comes growing. However, with just a survival strategy, an organization will fail to survive. In fact, at times, growth strategies may actually result in survival but not result in any growth.

Constantly improving how they work and adopting business excellence strategies is now very important more than ever. Budgeting for growth strategies even in the times of downturn is key to survival.

It may probably be more apt to say, "to improve is to survive and grow, but to merely do is to inch closer towards failure".

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