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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Types of Managers and Supervisors

Here's a list of common types of managers and supervisors found in the corporate world:

Hands Off Manager

They are never seen unless they need to break news about a crisis and ask you for explanations. They will never advise or guide you about potential issues proactively but hit hard upon you if some issue arises.

I Know All Manager

They seem to know everything about everything, about your team and also about all other teams and also the entire organization. They offer generic solutions to all problems.

This Is Way We Work Manager

They start advising and giving feedback about anything you present to them, even before they have heard and understood what you have to present and at times, without even knowing about the subject at the surface level. Their advise is around 'this is the way we work here' or this is the way I did it in the past. They seem to believe that there is a universal solution to all similar problems. They are generally biased and opinionated .

Make No Enemy Manager

They never want to get into controversial or heated situations even if the other party offers incorrect facts and suggestions. They want to keep everyone happy by not taking actions until it becomes difficult to avoid them.

How Dare You Tell Me Manager

These are the typical war veterans who have led many not so successful assignments in the past and believe that by virtue of that they know about the issues and challenges in that organization more than anyone else. If you suggest them anything they will take offense at being advised by a rookie. You run the risk of being labeled as a poor listener as rookies are not supposed to be knowing the system that well to advise a veteran. Though, the issue under discussion may be so commonplace in other organizations.

Loud Mouthed Manager

They are generally loud and full of intense energy. Their pet hobby and passion is to come out with issues and discrepancies in anything you present to them. They enjoy thrashing the presentations in the name of performing reviews with rigour and adding value.

Don't Tell I know Less Than You Manager

These managers feel that they need to be technically five steps ahead of their entire team. They go quiet when challenged on facts and information.

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