Sunday, December 12, 2010

Excellence in the Face of Adversity

During times of adversity, when survival becomes the mantra, excellence would seem to be a far-fetched concept. After all if someone is getting drowned in a river, the first reaction would be to somehow violently move one's arms and try to reach the riverside. In that situation explaining about "how to swim better?" would seem to be an unwelcome idea.

However, if one looks at the whole situation by taking a step backwards, one would realize that had excellence been there, the whole situation would not have transpired. If one doesn't know the basics of swimming one should not try to swim in a river knowing fully well that one could get into a swift current or a whirlpool. Not taking an action is as much a part of excellence as taking an appropriate action is.

Excellence is about doing things which are within reach, realistically speaking, of one's competencies and at the same time constantly improving upon the competencies (to the extent it makes sense - both at the personal level and in the business world).

Knowing what is the right level of excellence in a given situation is an art. It is quite an important aspect of excellence as excellence always comes at a cost.

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