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Sunday, December 12, 2010

The Path of Excellence Goes through Religion

Religion can be considered to be a set of beliefs, rituals and behaviors which take us closer to the supreme being (God).

Understanding the true meaning associated with the beliefs, rituals and behaviors that religion offers is the first step towards God.

Religion is not a destination but merely a path towards the ultimate communion with God.

Religion plays an important role in our lives in the following ways:
  • Religion connects us to all the three - our self being, other beings and the supreme being
  • Religion offers answers to even those 'whys' which science is unable to answer
  • Religion makes our existence look insignificant and significant at the same time. Insignificant since we are just like others in many ways and significant since we are unlike others in many ways
  • Religion gives us a broader perspective about the dual nature of life - birth and death, success and failure, light and darkness.
The concept of excellence in personal life is quite akin to religion.

Excellence in not a destination but merely a path towards the ultimate goal of a fruitful and fulfilling life. As a matter of fact, the path to excellence in personal life goes through religion.

Achieving and sustaining personal excellence is assured if it includes religion as the primary mechanism to guide all the thoughts and actions in personal life.

Personal excellence based on religion makes a fruitful and fulfilling life both the means to an end and also the end in itself.

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