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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Excellence through Training and Development

Training and development activities play an important role in creating and sustaining excellence. As an enabler training and development creates the right atmosphere by ensuring employees receive the right kind of training to be more efficient and effective in the workplace.

An organization is nothing but an aggregation of the people who work for it. The delicate balance between the various factors that impact business - like regulations, competition, consumers amongst the many other factors - is what makes or breaks a business. And who is responsible for ensuring this delicate balance? It's the people in the organization.

As is obviously evident from above, investing on people is the only real investment a business can make. Having competent, skilled and well-trained staff is an important element of successful organizations.

Training and development thus become quite important in the overall context of how organizations are run and also how they succeed or fail. Even if an organizations fails the people who work for it continue to be assets in which ever organization they would eventually serve.

What is the way training and development helps businesses vis-a-vis excellence:

1. Sharpen the competencies and skills of the staff

2. Demonstrate the competency gaps in the organization

3. Encourage employees to put in practice what they learn from new concepts and thoughts (that emanate from training programs)

4. Provide clear direction for the organization to develop or sharpen competencies from both operational and strategic perspectives

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