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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Excellence in Personal Life

All of us are constantly striving to "be" better than what we already "are". In fact, each one of us is unhappy with merely being what we "are".

Pursuit of becoming "better" is surely a must as "a rolling stone gathers no moss". At the same time, one should not miss enjoying the journey while on-the-way towards a destination assuming that happiness exists only at the destination. Nothing can be farther from the truth as each destination is nothing but on-the-way towards yet another destination.

Excellence in personal life is bounded by the above premise. What you "are" (on-the-way) is as important as what you want to "be" (a destination, but on-the-way towards yet another destination).

Being content with what one has already earned while striving to earn more and more is a good working philosophy for life. But earning more does not get translated into a better life - after all, the more one has the less it appears to be!

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